Asymptotic Safety and Black Holes (Springer Theses) by Kevin Falls

By Kevin Falls

one of many open demanding situations in basic physics is to mix Einstein's concept of normal relativity with the foundations of quantum mechancis. during this thesis, the query is raised even if metric quantum gravity might be primary within the spirit of Steven Weinberg's seminal asymptotic security conjecture, and if that is so, what are the implications for the physics of small, most likely Planck-size black holes? to deal with the 1st query, new innovations are supplied which permit, for the 1st time, a self-consistent research of high-order polynomial activities together with as much as 34 powers within the Ricci scalar. those novel insights are then exploited to give an explanation for quantum gravity results in black holes, together with their horizon and causal constitution, conformal scaling, evaporation, and the thermodynamics of quantum space-time. effects point out higher limits on black gap temperature, and the lifestyles of small black holes in line with asymptotic defense for gravity and thermodynamical arguments.

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